The Collacted Works of Masataka Kohsaka

Volume 1:Japan as a Maritime Nation
commentary by Shin’ichi Kitaoka
Volume 2:The Trials of Affluence
commentary by Masakazu Yamazaki
Volume 3:Japan’s Moment of Truth
commentary by Seizaburo Sato
Volume 4:Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida
commentary byNobuo Noda
Volume 5:When Civilation Declines
commentary by Nanami Shiono
Volume 6:The Rise and Fall of Classic Diplomacy
commentary by Terumasa Nakanishi
Volume 7:International Politics: Its Terror and Hope
commentary by Hiroshi Nakanishi
Volume 8:The Japanese
commentary by Makoto Iokibe

One of the leading Japanese scholars on international politics, Kohsaka left important works on the study of Japan’s modern diplomacy. He was also a prolific writer, covering a wide range of subjects including history, culture,civilization as well as other topics that stimulated his intellectual mind. The Japanese culture and heritage are very lucrative and well-nurtured even today. Claim free money bonus up to $50 + 50 Free Spins and have a peek of the best online games inspired by Japanese history and culture. Or you can read the works of Kohsaka and get an accurate picture of Japan. These writings have been collected in 8 volumes with commentaries by prominent scholars and intellectuals, and we are available from Toshi Shuppan, Publishers. You might be interested in reading something different about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan.

The Shock of Western Civilization and Japan

by Seizaburo Sato

Is Japan a member of the advanced industrialized countries? Or is it a member of Asia? The first major publication of the works by the author who was, himself, a shocking influence on the study of modern Japanese history.

From Participation to Creation
The objectives of Japanese Diplomacy

by Hisashi Owada

A collection of insightful papers and speeches delivered during his time as a diplomat on Japanese foreign policy by the former Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations.

Recommending Politico-Military Coordination:
Views from the Scenes of Japanese Security

by Atsuyuki Sassa

What is the state of crisis management in Japan? The author probes into the problem of leadership in responding to large-scale disasters, and other security measures, that has hitherto been taken lightly.

1956 Budapest

by Ors Csete

Edited and translated by Kazuo Nukazawa(Ambassador to Hungary).
The Japanese translation of the original publication in Hungary, the collection of photographs and essays profiling the past and present of the revolutionaries of 1956.

Have You Found America?(Prewar Volume)

by Naoyuki Agawa

Essays on the encounters with America by Yukichi Fukuzawa, Inazo Nitobe and other Japanese in the Meiji and Taisho periods.

Have You Found America?(Postwar Volume)

by Naoyuki Agawa

A follow-up to the prewar volume already out, Agawa takes on 16 postwar Japanese notables—Akio Morita, Ryotaro Shiba, Mickey Yasukawa, Haruki Murakami and others—and gives a colorful account on each of their experiences with America.

The Emperor as a Symbol and the Road to Modern Japan

by Takao Sakamoto

In this award winning book, the author traces the history of the Japanese state since the end of the Edo period.

Toward Peace in Cambodia
Testimony of Five Years of Japanese Diplomacy

by Tadashi Ikeda

An account by the author who was the Director-General of the Asian Affairs Bureau at the time.

A New Currency is Born

by Tomoaki Nishitani

A documentary account by the author who was involved in printing the new notes for Ukraine while it was struggling to become independent.

Dirty Hands by Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
translated by Nobuji Ito

Is Pakistan’s nuclear program a facade concealing plans to export arms to the Middle East? A spy novel by the former Assistant Secretary of Defense, it was first published in Japanese.(not available in English)

The Frontlines of Remaking Japan:
Dialogues with Yukio Okamoto

A collection of Okamoto’s interviews with 25 Japanese notables, including Shintaro Ishihara, Taichi Sakaiya, Nanami Shiono and Hanae Mori.

Before and After the Dismemberment of an Empire:
Memoir of the Last Japanese Ambassador to the Soviet Union

by Sumio Edamura

Having served in the unique position of ambassador to the Soviet Union in its final years—and seeing its transformation from an empire into a republic–the author relives the exciting times.

The Century of NGOs

by Tsuneo Sugishita

A collection of articles reporting on the 35 NGOs that active around the world. First published in Gaiko Forum the book provides enlightening analyses of government and non-government cooperation.

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